House in Multiple Occupancy Specialists

At Trinity Harper, we believe that full-time working professionals deserve a home, rather than just a house. We understand that many tenants no longer wish to live in a student styled house, knowing that climbing over other housemates’ possessions before work is not your idea of a perfect home.

We provide free Wi-Fi and fortnightly cleaning services of communal areas to keep your home nice and clean. As all the bills are included within the rent, we aim to minimise hassle and maximise fairness and equality within the shared accommodation, leaving you with the time to focus on the things you want, whether it be furthering your career or relaxing with friends.

If you are relocating to Cambridge with your job or just looking for a new house, we know that you’ll love the quality and convenience provided by Trinity Harper, with secure, bright and clean rooms for you to call home.

We offer Skype viewings to those who are new to Cambridge or wish to view the properties in advance of a visit. Furthermore, we provide bedding (for an affordable extra cost) and can also arrange to meet you at either the train or bus station upon your arrival in the city of Cambridge.

Contact a member of the Trinity Harper team for a friendly and informal discussion or to arrange a property visitation.

Our eight promises to you:

  • 1.
    Recently decorated double and single rooms, with a stylish modern look.
  • 2.
    Shared open-plan living and dining spaces.
  • 3.
    A \'Fair Play\' attitude, that means you get the peace of mind you expect.
  • 4.
    Friendly, professional and dedicated staff, ready to be contacted at your convenience.
  • 5.
    Properties that are thoroughly cleaned before you move in.
  • 6.
    A regular cleaner of kitchens, bathrooms and all communal areas, at no extra cost.
  • 7.
    Safety checked and modern electrical appliances / white goods.
  • 8.
    A swift response to any queries or problems.